Monday, September 2, 2013

The Amazing Tsokolate con Crema

Must try products!!!
Source: The Manila Collectible Company
So how awesome is this chocolate spread? Well maybe it will depend on your taste. If you are a kid who got used to the US tasting candies (I don't call them chocolates they have more sugar in them than chocolates) then tasting something like this product might get a bit of getting used to.

It has the classic taste of Tsokolate (as opposed to Chocolates) that is now lost in many of our foods now. The texture is simple and yet brings back old memories of childhood when things are less processed and is sold as near as what they should be. There is a hint of grains of brown sugar (as opposed to the highly processed white sugar) and the taste of condensed milk.

It's nice to eat with warm pan de sal or any bread you prefer but I do encourage you to eat the stuff in itself is worth the crime of doing so.

Where can I get my Awesome Tsokolate con Crema? Go to The Manila Collectible Company:

Cabildo cor. Beaterio, Intramuros (Behind Manila Cathedral), Manila, Philippines

Try also to look around and ask about their other awesome products.

Warning: This is NOT a vegan product and some products in the store are not vegetarian other but surely that is not an excuse to buy their other products. Just ask their friendly staff. 

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