Thursday, August 1, 2013

Word of the day

Confirmation Bias 

Sometimes we humans need to justify what we believe and we tend to find other who think the same. It is for this thought that we even justify the wrongs things we do.

So someone is late again as usual but takes the wrong elevator and thus got stuck in the fire exit. Our building has a very weird system that you need to use a lift instead of just using the stairs of the fire exit. So she gets stuck there. She tells the story to everyone just to confirm that she needs to try harder coming early than five minutes before time. I think she just needs excuse to affirm her belief that she doesn't intend to be late but we all now that late is her middle name.

To make matters worst the smartest people in the company also experienced the same thing minutes after her story. She recalled her story and tried to confirm it with the new story we have about getting stuck in the fire exit.

But I think everyone is guilty of confirmation bias even if we don't want to. I am always guilty of this expecially when I try to think that a person cannot do something because they are my friend or they mean a lot to me. I try to make up reason for the thing I believe to be true and I always end up looking the idiot.

Religion is the most guilty of this activity. I don't need to give examples. They are everywhere.


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