Monday, August 5, 2013

The Napoles story

So for days now netizens from the Philippines feasted upon the story of Jeane Napoles. She is the Paris Hilton of the Philippines but honestly she looks and acts like Snooki.

Many people said she should be punished for such a lavish show of wealth since they cannot get their hands on the parents who own the controversial parents who made ghosts projects for the government. She is called as the new Imelda Marcos (as if being Imelda Marcos is evil in and of itself annoys me much).

She erased most of herself online but her tumblr account is still there: JeanaNapoles.

For me she could be living the life and must not be shamed or even demonized. She might be an ignorant rich kid who never knew that such a life is a redicule on the poor of her third world birth place. I think hanging with Justin Biber is not wrng as well.

But as an adult she must be held responsible for the things she have done, like bitching and whoring herself as a socialite.

Jeane Napoles (another Snooki clone) and JB

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