Thursday, August 22, 2013

Royal Heritage Postal Tour (Rainy Day Edition)

It was just like last year that we had a short trip like this. We were only at the Post Office and the Metropolitan Theater. These are the few pictures I took.

I start my Tour walking under the rain at the Quezon Bridge.

There are few cars and jeeps passing the Quezon Bridge.

A barge passes by the waters of Pasig River.

Buildings and Metal Frames (Quezon Bridge)

A nice and cuddly yellow tabby at LRT 1 Central Station

Stamps and covers for auction.

More stamps and more...

You can check the items before the auction or bourse begins.

Newton and Copernicus Stamps

Cat and dog stamps!!!

Still checking the items... There are stamps, postcards, books coins, bank notes, etc...

Waiting for the auction to begin.

The main lobby of the Manila Post Office. 

The auction begins with Ms. Josefina T. Cura

The postal boxes at the basement.
Interested? Don't go to Window 122 but Window 107

The long hallway exclusive for employees but since its flooded at the back we were given an exclusive tour here. 

A kitten appears

Here he goes again

Used to be a sorting area, now a car park. 

Nice iron grills, uncleaned but still strong.

Registry Section. Probably a label not updated. 

Small sorting area for mails. Looks like a garage to me. 

Some of the iron grills, I hope they don't end up in junk shops.

Stairs going to the sorting area and other offices.

This kind of reminds me of old houses.

This is where we entered. Interesting that Muslims have a niche here. 

I saw him last month at the MET. HE is a bit bigger now. 

Rence Chan explaining the history of the MET to participants. 

A  lone duck waits by the rain (MET)

A room adjacent to the MET cafeteria. 

Whatever this rooms hides. (MET)

They have put some plywood over the damaged floor of the MET.

Damaged floor of the MET courtesy of Juan dela Cruz (TV series)

More covered floor of the MET

The damage seems not to end. Thanks ABS-CBN. 

Wonderful iron works (MET)

Some parts of the theater are collapsing. (MET)

The marker that designates the MET as a national treasure. (How ironic!)

Some of the remaining woven walls of the MET. 

Looking at the window from the ballroom area. (MET)

One of the muses of Francesco Monti. (MET)

The bananas that frame part of the ceiling of the MET. 

Yes, this is bamboo. Art deco the Philippine way by Isabelo Tampingco. 

Post Office at the top of the MET. 

The LRT side (MET)

A memorandum about the repair of the MET. 

With a friend... the rains continue outside.

The male restroom (MET)

On the way home... the jeep runs past me.

Even water hyacinths are in a hurry.

Detail of the Quezon Bridge.

Trash travels with the water and the water hyacinths. 

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