Friday, August 30, 2013

Philosophizing in the Philippines

Being a traditionalist Catholic country Philosophizing is discouraged and is evident in the words of most people: "Huwag kang pilosopo! (Don't be such a philosopher!)" Often times children are told not to reason with their elders that is their older siblings, uncles, aunts and parents or anyone that is older. Children must not ask questions and just needs to obey. This is the context on which I grew up.
Pilosopong Tasyo

But we as human even as kids have this urge to ask questions and to rationalize and this simply cannot go on. I am not sure if this practice has diminished since the younger ones I know can do so but within the context of the freethinking group.

In culture when a philosopher is contextualized as a character the first person people think about is Pilosopong Tasyo (Tasyo the Philosopher). He is a character in the novel called Noli me Tangere.

People cannot handle hard questions that challenge what they have been taught and most people who do so are treated as either crazy or just plainly ignored. Pilosopong Tasyo is also called Tacio el Loco (Insane Tasyo). The same was also applied to people like Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Before I had a hard time understanding her but as time grew I learned to appreciate her dark humour.

People in the Philippines need to think deeper and ask relevant questions in life rather asking about the latest gossip on TV.

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