Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My regrets for being dutiful

So Tuesday August 20th, the rain and thunders were really strong and have waken me lots of times. I was worried like yesterday that travelling to work might be hard. I have this illusion that my place never floods though. With the umbrella I bought yesterday at 7-11 I walked out of Loreto to go to Magsaysay Boulevard.

I saw lots of people walking the Nagtahan Bridge. I wish I could have taken pictures of people walking and the empty streets. So I crossed from the Mercury Drug to the front of the SM Savemore Nagtahan, passed Unitop to the place where the jeep going to Pasig.

There were no jeeps or any cars passing by. The streets seemed to be deserted and the place where I wait for jeeps are with parked cars. This means I had to take the LRT 2 at Pureza. Then walking with my still wet Japanese Sandals I saw that the waters are quite deep to go further and its not worth the risk of taking in way past knee high waters just to go home. I have to go with plan B.

It started to rain hard again as I passed Nagtahan. I know this will be a long walk and my wits are fighting with me that I should not go to work anymore but my duties have won the the ordeal as I walked along Legarda passing many closed schools.

I've seen some street people quite wet from the rain taking shelter among the awnings of the buildings. Must be hard to be a nobody and poor at these times, to be wet and cold. Slowly walking under the rain I reached the Legarda Station of LRT 2.

I kinda liked the idea of taking trains but today it was quite better because there are few idiots on the streets and especially outside. I went down at Cubao Station quite irritated because this lady going out occupies too much space for her own good. I had evil urges to kick her out of the doors but I was able to control the rage.

Many of the stores at Gateway, and Farmers are closed but still a few remained open. I admire the Filipino spirit for still being at the mall despite the heavy rains. Most of the places that stayed open are fast foods.

So I made it to the ticket line of the MRT 3 with no lines whatsoever. I mean if this happens all the time at Cubao I would be glad to take the trains everyday but Cubao is a heavily populated and used area with many bus stations here and there. Thus the tight packed cars of the trains. But today it was such an ease.

As I went out another woman. (Why the fuck these women piss me?) pushed her way out and was trying to over run me. Good thing I was big and I don't like start killing people at random. That pissed me off the more especially that today is a rainy day.

That is one thing I hate when travelling - people.... lolz

By this time I was quite hungry but I wasn't in the mood to eat at Megamall so I ordered my meal from Bodhi to go. By this time SM was slowly being deserted by its employees and some stores really didn't open. But there are still people who are sad because the mall is closing. I was like, "WTF! Do you expect people to have a mood to shop after all these rains?"

With my food with the rain getting not that strong I headed for work. As expected there were lots of absent people. I was then asked an account I never wished to have. Maybe because I was trained to think that that account was not OK and it has always stayed in my mind. But today they have no other choice but to let me handle it. I have no other choice but I never said yes with a light heart.

I went down to buy more rice for my meal. I kind of felt more hungry and then when I went back I was surprised because they said they were looking for me. I was like, I just bought food, DUH!

Anyways, I ate my food and redies myself for the inevitable. I have no other choice. I should have not come to work and just made lame excuses about the flood and lame stuff but that is unbecoming of me and is utter unacceptable.

I was given an account of a person who have made lame excuses all at the same time enjoying his time at home being a lazy mother fucker. I was quite pissed with this person but never at the work though.

It was like starting all over again and learning new things. I know I made it well for the first time with this account compared to come employees who can't even understand simple instructions.

I was too tired but with the coffee I was able to survive. The rains ravaged the more while I was at work here in stinking Tycoon building at Pearl Drive.

By the time my sift ended I wasn't able to make the needed reports and classchedules. I was like, Fuck that shit and I'll just do it tomorrow.

I made it home and there are jeeps again. The waters have returned to where they should be and my feet are killing me now but at least the day is done. I have lots f regrets for going to work today but that is that.

A new mermaid was discovered during the floods.
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