Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#MillionPeopleMarch to #ScrapPork

I was there at Rizal Park earlier than expected to meet my friend at 7 AM at the chess plaza. I arrived a bit early and I wandered around the park to look for something or anything. That is the problem when you arrive way earlier than expected.

The Rizal Park is another major face lift with part of the park being blocked by galvanized iron sheets, which include the Open Park as well as some parts of the area near the Rizal monument.

Even at around early 7 AM there were already a significant number of people but the media numbers the most as well as the police and first aid. The event was said to be non-partisan and will highlight no one. There were tons of Catholics here and there but I was glad that they kept to themselves when they had Rosary and the mass.

There was no program whatsoever and people came in and out and there was just this projected screen where some celebrities are given a chance to speak. I find that weird, despite this even being a same for all even. People gather around celebrities like flies on a cow dung, taking pictures and drooling.

The Filipino Freethinkers has a space for people to share their mind and ideas about the Pork Barrel (or the Priority Development Assistance Fund) and the current government. thought it was the practice that was encouraged, to have a dialogue about the issue and to also listen to what most people have in mind.

Every hour there was a chant people were asked to do. It's the same old boring chant but it makes a special place in today's event. People shouted, "Makibaka! Huwag magbaboy! (Fight! And don't be piglike!) The word baka can mean cow as opposed to baboy which is pig. It's a pun on the idea of the pork barrel and of animals. Kinda hard to explain though... lolz

There was this instance where the Cardinal Tagle made a speech and one person shouted, "Kasabwat (Participant!)" as he was giving his word about the event. I liked to speak to but somehow the Cardinal of Manila was not talking anything that was awful and yet somehow in my mind I still think he should not be here since they are also part of the money the politicians steal from the people.

I went home at around past 12. I was glad I never was there anymore when most of the celebrity fame whores came.

A ride here at Nagtahan, drizzle continues.

Wet Quezon Bridge

I just realised that the time on my camera is off as well as the time. Now its OK

Walking with joggers and runners. 

They are making the Rizal Park more green. 

The dancing fountain. It's not yet open. 

Maps always emphasizing the HUB. 

The media and the police are ready. 

People setting up banners and their groups. 

Rizal stands alone.

The constructions of the condo are on the way. 

Roxas boulevard

GMA doing their field report.

This cat seems nice. 

He is really adorable. I hope someone adopts him. He kept rubbing on me. 

Under reconstruction. 

More tarpaulins. 

This woman campaigns against the Pork barrel on her own. 

Picture with the interesting signs. 

Catholics getting ready for their mass. 

John Paraiso and his bull terrier, Jodu.

Protesters are making their props on the spot. 

Jodu, doesn't like the Pork Barrel as well. 

An interview with ABS-CBN.

The Rizal replica is quite creepy. 

This cool man plays retro music with his bike.

Yey! Bubbles!

More bubbles. 

Everyone likes bubbles. 

I heard they are lay ministers. 

waiting for their old friends? 

There are many different ideas in this rally. This is an example. 

Flags here and there. 

They want a clean society

Blowing shofars. I thought they were calling for more rains. 

The moment they started blowing the drizzle started. 

#ScrapPork is the mesage. 

Some celebrities talking about the issue over camera. 

A Catholic group passes by FF.

FF asking people to share their insights about the Pork Barrel.

Oink! Oink! Oink! with thumbs down!

More thumbs down from the crowd!

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