Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Katipunan vs The Holy Trinity

There are battles waged everywhere in this world. The battle against poverty, ignorance and whatever you might think there has been a battle about it. So what does these battle mean. They mean actually nothing and is just a term people use so as to appear as if they are doing something to make the world or life better for everyone else.

At work my battle rages all the time. Against the ones I call the Katipunan (They are also part of the Oras ng Katotohanan showing and broadcasting everyday. Screaming like idots on a Justin Bieber fan or the the fake and mindless girls who scream at the most meaningless stuff that is on sale at the mall.

Now the Holy Trinity has entered the battle for supremacy. Yesterday in an intereting turn of events the Holy Trinity doing their game of love has won over the Katipuneros. The war horns and battle drums were louder with the Hly Trinity has drowned them dead.

While this battle rages. I sit at work annoyed and pissed. Wanting to scream but my mouth is gagged with bullshit and mindless stuff and my hands are cuffed. I feel like a civilian cought between a gang war that is reborn everyday and everyday the war ends with me dead and crippled but the warriors of the Holy Trnity and Katipunan either winning or losing.

Life is a hell! But then again tomorrow is a Holiday for me (Korean Independence Day)!

Like the battle of Horus and Seth, life's battle happens everyday.

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