Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crap even in the news

Most of the time the news in the Philippines are eaten up more by politicians trying to back stab each other of the petty lives of celebrities who have nothing to do with their lives but fame whore or anything that just worth turd. Even websites like Fashion PUlis makes more sense than the media.

Remeber that #ThinkB4UClick thing? Even the station that started the idea can't even follow thier own so called initiative. That is why they have slowly taken down that campaign.

I wasn't surprised that something like 60 and 16 be confused since most of the people even in government can't make their pronunciation much clear. And yet some private companies like you mto pretend you are an American and try to imitate them like a mocking bird.

I now read Rappler... lolz

More news here on: Face Off: ABS-CBN News vs GMA News

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