Friday, August 16, 2013

Breaking the monotonous

Yesterday was Thursday and it was a holiday in Korea, we didn't have work so I had to stay at home and do some "rest." I stayed at home and slept late as usual doing stuff online and of course downloading.

I showered and went out in the afternoon and went to the post office to buy the new stamps issued by the Post Office and also to ask about post boxes. As usual the Post Office employees are busy with their lives, you know talking about this and that so I just sat and waited to be served. I bought the stamps and asked about postal boxes. I will tell in detail about postal boxes on another blog entry.

I saw a co-worker doing her papers and IDs. Almost all day I felt lost and I can never have of what day it is. In my mind I always say its Sunday but I also know its not. It's confusing because I expect certain things on a Sunday but reality shows its a normal work day.

I went to SM Manila but saw nothing interesting. I decided to go Robinsons Place but after walking some meters I decided to head back home.

I remembered the oranges I saw at SM Manila and then I went to the Hypermart near the house I rent. Bought oranges and used the peels to make two bottles of enzyme cleaners. I was a bum and I ate a lot.

Just orange peels, water, sugar and yeast. 

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