Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stupidity is everywhere

Well I think you and I have people who are just plain idiots or they don't want to think. You know the people who always asks the most stupid questions ever.

People have said that there are no stupid questions but I know that it exists. Asking the same questions for more than 10 times makes the questions already redundant and stupid. Asking something obvious and is just so easy even monkeys can do it is just an insult to the education some people have been provided.

Now people think its cute when they always smile and laugh when they make stupid life decisions and talk like idiots. Do they think they are clowns? I know we should laugh at problems but life is no joke either.

Do you think its bad to kill people? Sometimes when I see the idiots of my life. I see murder and genocide such a good thing for the betterment of humanity.

I admire the satanist for putting it a sin to be stupid, I think we should add that to the Commandments as well.
Imagine if I gave certificates like this all the time. 

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