Monday, July 1, 2013

Peeh en ehp

The Komisyon sa Wikang Pambansa (Commision on the National Language) decided on its own that the country be called Filipinas and no longer Pilipinas. The resolusion was passed and shared on Facebook and Twitter many times. At first it was just sharing and it took days before the discussion went into full blow.

I think the Commision was trying to get attention by sying that we are worth something since the government gives them money too. What they failed to do is focus on the more important things like langauge development and the study for the intelectualization of Filipino as a langauge for us in all walks of life.

It is just a caprice of these people to us the old forgotten name Filipinas instead of the word Pilipinas that many of the country men can say rather than the one with the F. Despite the many of Filipinos having graduated Elementary the number of Pinoys using laguage as a tool for better communication is not that high.

I hear then the old arguments of lets also bring in our old alphabet the Baybayin (also Alibata) to our present life. I think this complicates and makes the issue more interesting and at the same time full of bullshit.

Here is the lik from the KWP.

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