Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On being late, friendship and work ethics

What legacy will time speak of you? 
It is often times been told that Filipino Time is such a normal thing nowadays. And people who are late are either just stay quiet or they may give you tons of excuses that most often are lame. With the advent of the smartphones and texting people became more and more late. They think that it's OK since they can always make excuses on their way. I often hear people say: "I am on the way." "I am almost there." "Just wait for about 5 mnutes." These text messages can be as ambigous as the weather report is.

So if I have a friend who is late for work. I would not cover his ass and compromise myself with more lies. This happens at work all the time. I know the thing called "pakikisama" is such an annoying thing in the Filipino mindset. I think its one reason that red tape and corruption is pervasive in all walks of life.

Work is work and must be dealt with as such with professionalism and not excuses. Your work must be valued for the input you put forward and not by how much grip you have on management. And at the end of the day these assholes have all the qualms to complain, as if their life is so hard.

Yeah sorry for another rant.

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