Thursday, July 18, 2013

My thyme has come

A few days ago I have started planting some thyme. I was actually planning to plant something evern months ago but the move made everything hard for me. I was kinda like hit by a truck and I lost all sense of direction. I am still picking up myself from all this hellish crap I am in.

I already have some small pots I bought for the Orchid and Cactus I was given during a garden show a few months ago. I have no idea what my relatives have done to them. I kinda feel that I just have to leave them like that. The same way I feel about how of some sorts I have abandoned Fred and Pokpok.

Anyways I bought some potting soil and then some thyme seeds. It was nice to see them sprout and soon they will have leaves and the works. It somehow made my heart glad. At first it was by the room and then today I moved them to the windows.

It's weird to open the windows because I don't like the neighbors but the plants are already there. I hope they get enough sunshine and water and grow.

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