Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Officemate's Lover

A Crazy Thing Called Love
For the past few days the series My Husband's Lover on Channel 7 is getting really high ratings and is the talk of people on Twitter and Facebook. It's trying to reflect the current interest of many Filipinoes over the idea of infidelity but this one with a short twist.

But we know infidelity happens everywhere at anytime. I see infidelity happen at work everyday. So here comes Shone, a very handsome guy. He is one person you will look back twice on and check. He is in a relationship for a long time now but since his girlfriend resigned from the same company. They have been separated a bit.

I know they are still together but I rarely hear him talk about her girlfriend. Well I actually know that he never talks about his girlfriend much. I hve never seen them intimate what so ever.

Shone being himself a person who wears his heart on his sleeves but says another has an interesting life at work. She always spends time with Nam. Nam is an old friend that relates to much of what Shone feels and can understand the context of most of his stories.

Everyday they talk until it came to a time that they are always beside each other. They laugh a lot together as if you know they are together. We know for the fact that Nam is single since birth and has a hard time finding another. I think she doesn't have much friend. I think she should try Grindr or something. But Nam being herself she doesn't want to be labaled a slut.

So everyday Shone and Nam talks as sweet as lovers and give stuff to each other. Well most of the giving comes from Nam. Shone is too used to being given everything for just being a handsome guy. And besides it is a fact that Shone doesn't have much friends as well.

So what's the deal with Shone and Nam? The thing is that Shone is still engaged with his girlfriend and Nam is also his girlfriend's friend. Sometimes I would imagine Shone's girlfriend catching Shone and Nam in each other's arm. They flirt too much at work. The only palce they feel secure for their relationship.

I think Shone should break-up with his girlfriend and be with Nam. But I think conversion is a problem with Shone so they with just have their play at work while hidden behind some curtain doing doing something funky.

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