Monday, July 8, 2013

Asking forgiveness but not being sincere about it

Lord Patawad (Lord forgive me) by Basilio
Saying sorry just becomes an impulse to some people or they think they should say so because it is expected of them.

This weekend despite the many meetups available I decided to stay at home. Saturday was fine then came Sunday. There is a party at the neighbor's house. They set up tables on a narrow street and placed their foods and alcohols and beers. It was still the afternoon.

The only worry I have is that I have to endure their jejemon music. It's kinda annoying because I was trying to finish Season 2 of The Game of Thrones series. It's hard listening to the laptop speaker so I put on the headphones.

So browsing the internet, reading some stuff, downloading and watching the series. I do one thing at a time and kinda shuffle them around so I won't be bored. The party at the neighbors continue just fine.

I later realise that I was sleepy so I decided to snooze so that I will have less time to listen to jejemon music.

I woke up at around 8 PM and continued watching the series and I noticed that the music they are playing gets a bit louder now. And by the time it was around 9 PM they were singing a song called Lord Patawad (Lord have mercy). It's a reggae song with stupid lyrics about a person who sins and just asks forgiveness to his God and does nothing about changing himself. What a stupid song! They played the song on loop fr a long time.

Then the party goes started to get louder and talk louder. There is now a fight! Influenced by the power of alcohol and hellish music, they started a commotion among themselves. I didn't even dare or care to look I was busy with myself but the annoying thing is that their noise is kinda bothering.

Everyone was on the streets by the time I glanced at the window. The fight didn't last long since it was put out fast. But the people in Manila can't leave such an interesting opportunity pass by. They started talking among themselves. Who are involved? Why did they fight? What happened to the drunkards?

It was an endless loops of chimiz and people judging people for this and that. But like all issues that hapene in Manila things settle then build-up then strt all over again. I was thinking, "Can I sleep tonight?" I posted some of the things about the night and is also worked up with the events of the night. I wish they have just killed each other.

12 AM the noise resumes. I hear the Baranggay chairman came. (WOW) And he was giving his speech to the people about how to behave properly and stuff. Yeah at this time and with that tone. So people got worked out again and had the same discussion that was already discussed a few hours ago.

So in the end I think this song is the devil's music because it incited people to do crazy things instead of teaching them to behave properly.

I facepalmed...

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