Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Vice Ganda brouhaha

I bet some of you Pinoys have watched that noon time show Showtime with their interesting host Vice Ganda. It's the common bathroom and slapstick humour that Pinoys really love. You know the one where a person is mocked, usually their contestants, and laughed about by this host.
Apologetic Vice Ganda on his show.
Source: ABS-CBN

But there are times when things can get worst when a personality like this comments on this like politics (Nancy Binay) and everything else.

So what is the fuss about? I think its another case of mindless people reacting in way beyond what they really understand about the stupidity of their own mind or the idea that rape can be subject to jokes as well.

I bet many have not even seen the video or whatever that is that covers the issue. So far its been covered by Fashion Pulis (here), GMA (here), ABS-CBN (here), and etc.

In the end its expected that he says sorry for taking things too far and then the rest of the Filipinos move on to the next big bullshit in our lives.

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