Thursday, May 23, 2013

3 months of...

It's been three months since I have been kicked out of my birth place. My anger seems to grow by the day and I hate my relatives for always make sure that I suffer despite me trying my best not to even exist under their nose. I gave my dues to my annoying evil uncle despite the fact that I gave more than enough of what is needed. He basically leeched me, I never complained.

I was asked to move out many times and in many places in the compound. I never said anything or a word but surely I was mad. Now after moving out and having lost the sense of what it means to come home and to call any place a home. I feel so lost and my only resort is being online and being on Facebook.

I also have been asked to move away from the stupid computer station at work. Now I can at least write my blog. I hate our IT at work for being such a one sided dick sucking asshole. Imagine some PC's in the office have full access compared to other PC's and now the drama boy of the office is getting full acess as well. Well fuck them all and I hope they all fucking die.

I am now learning to knit and is practicing to make stuff, just anything to distract myself from being all alone. Its been days since I am away from my cats and it breaks my heart more since they are the only rational animals I can be with. The charcoal pencils are still sitting there and I still have stuff at Makati that I need to haul and I refuse to sleep with the roosters. Imagine my uncles proposed that I live with roosters. I say fuck them as well.

Now sitting here and now with my birthday coming soon I feel life drain away more every day. I wish I die soon.

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