Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Manila Metropolitan Theater desecrated (updated)

The Manila Metropolitan Theater used to be the lifeline of the Arts in the Philippines. It is done in Art Deco by Juan M. Arellano. A building in ruins and is still being repaired.

I join the Filipinas Stamp Collectors Club every third Sunday of the month as it tours and appreciates what is left of the Theater and to share some of the wonders that are still left with it. I know some people will like say, lets tear it down and build something new. I say: Let us not destroy our history and heritage.

So why am I writing this? During our Royal Postal Heritage Tour last January 20, 2013, we have seen some damages on the stage of the Theater. We were informed that there was a shooting for a Telenovela :"Juan dela Cruz (starring Coco Martin). The floor was holed in many ways. We are told by the security that this happened because the staff and crew of Juan dela Cruz had to bring heavy equipment since the Theater is bare except for a fluorescent tube on the stage.

I posted this on Twitter and Facebook several times but it fell on deaf ears. Why? This month (February 17, 2013) we came back and saw that the people behind the said drama didn't do anything for the damage they have done. Yeah they cleaned up the water at the Orchestra pit but the damage they left is permanent. 

I will post the more pictures of the said damage soon. Please share this information to others.


More pictures!

Here are the promised pictures taken last February 17, 2013 at the Metropolitan Theater. See that nothing has been done at all since they destroyed the flooring of our culrutal heritage.

My writing ain't that good but I hope by sharing my simple post people will be more aware of what has happened. 

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