Friday, March 1, 2013

Sede Vacante Epic Fail

It's just a few hours since the Papacy became vacant or Sede Vacante.The people's reaction are varied, some are happy while some are indeed in pain. The descision of Benedict XVI came as a surprise to both believers and non-believers.

So today March 1st the first day (just a few hours) of the vacancy I decided to go to mass and see if the priest will do the needed liturgy during the vacany. I went to the most convenient place to have a mass, the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord in SM Megamall. The mass was celebrated by the healer Fr. Joey Faller and a former CBCP secretary whose name I keep forgetting.

The chapel was quite full since it is also the first Friday of the Month. I wanted to hear the Collect and Prayer over the Offerings. Indeed the Chapel followed the new Romal Missal changes excecpt that I didn't hear them recite the Nicene creed (another weird thing for me).

The prayer during the Offerings should have been:

May your abundant kindness favor us, O Lord,
that, through the sacred offerings we reverently bring to you,
we may come to rejoice that a pastor pleasing to your majesty
presides over your holy Church.
Through Christ our Lord. (source)

Instead the dear old Bishop just read the usual Prayer and I was like... WHAT?!

Also the presiding priest is so busy promoting himself and his ministry that he just did the normal thing without much consideration of what should be.

Why did I do this as an atheist? I just felt like trolling today. LOLz

Source: wikipedia

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