Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FF goes 4!

My life is a routine. I do the same things basically the same way. I sleep late watching and reading everything I can. That is while the TV is on. I go to bed and wake up late. Take a shower. Go to work. Sit and do my my job. Go home late because work finishes late and that is what happens every week day.

This Friday (February 1, 2013) Red Tani, President of the Filipino Freethinkers called for a meet-up. It's a rather surprise meet-up since it was only announced on Facebook. The meet-up was in Starbucks Shangri-la at 6 PM.

Wait! This will work. I have only one call for the day and its quite late. So I really hoped that no other calls will be assigned to me. And yeah I was able to go.

Like in the olden days (it seems like a long time ago huh) it was just Red and Christine there. We had to wait for people to come. There were no topics that was prepared. It was just random everything.

We shared about how the old days were, like what you remember about your first meet-up and even the weirdest and most memorable moments we have. That was funny because I came prepared by thinking what was my first meet-up like and when it was.

Then the talk went to sex as most everything in life leads to sex. (Yeah I am wrong but just get with the flow.) The talk was intense because despite the few number people were really sharing their ideas like in a circle.

The discussion is about what the FEMEN has been doing with their breasts and bombs. Soom we are also talking about balls and penises.

Too bad I had to go to work at around eight. Red was nice enough to have the group picture before I go. I really appreciate that. But me being me I just can't tell that.

My first FF Meet-up (June 12, 2010)
Credits: FF website

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