Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The 33rd Manila International Book Fair

Its the 33rd MIBF!

I was planning to go this morning but I got too lazy to get up from bed for some weird reasons. My colds are going because of the medication but I feel always sleepy.

I really wanted to go because there might be sellers or booths there selling postcards. I am afraid that some people might hoard them and leave us nothing. Some collectors can be really greedy.

This book fair is something I always go to every year but like most of the time I get to buy nothing. The books that are good or I like are expensive. The only thing cheap there are Children's books, old magazines and Religious books (mostly Christian).

So why still go? Maybe the idea at looking at the number of books to buy is inspiring in itself. To see lots of people crowding mostly students and teachers just to look for something to buy. There are lots of people who spend money there. But some like me will just go home with the memory and ideas on what book to buy next.

Maybe I'll bump you there.

For more details please visit their site.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Signing on again.

After two weeks of being almost not online the Vegan bigot is back. I was able to buy a phone but I decided against the brand I was supposed to buy a few days ago.

I have a My Phone and its easier to tweet with this one. I am not sure of the battery life and other things I can do with it. It doesn't have a TV like my old phone but that is fine as long as I can post and tweet more.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Empty mailbox

I don't really have a mailbox. I just put a cardboard box for my mails. For the past two weeks my mailbox has been quite lonely. Maybe because I have not been able to buy a phone to access Facebook with for the past two weeks as well.

I have tried this swapbot as a way to get more postage but I am still learning the way to navigate the page properly. I have sent three postcards this week and last week as well.

I know I need patience with my hobby but seeing an empty mailbox makes me want to blame the Philippine Postal System as well.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Payday blues

It's hard when you work in a company that seems to be better in making complaints about employees than about making sure their employees are enjoying. I have been working with Koreans for years and it is a sad fact that many Online Korean companies are either working on an illegal basis or just to plain to make sure they are earning on cheap labor from a third country (like the Philippines) who gives their best nonetheless.

It should  be payday today but they said they have no money. Fucking great!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 London Olympics

So it was done. I never watched it. Sports bores me for some reason. Yet I have bought 2 sheets of Olympic stamps. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

New gadget

I am gonna buy this new phone on payday.

So I really need to be really stingy until the 20th. I still have  Habagat and Amihan stamps to buy.

Black t-shirts

I am quite a lazy person and I usually pile up on laundry most of the time. A few days ago I just did tons of black shirts and some grey as well.

I do own a lot of black shirts. I don't know why? Maybe I just got sick and tired of wearing white. I mean I have been wearing white polos since I was in Elementary until College. Or maybe I just don't like the drama that comes to washing whites.

Nonetheless, there are stereotypes to people who wear black. Some people say that either you are a satanist or you just like rock too much.

I think its also a weird thing since most of the people I know who are atheists also like to wear black.