Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The 33rd Manila International Book Fair

Its the 33rd MIBF!

I was planning to go this morning but I got too lazy to get up from bed for some weird reasons. My colds are going because of the medication but I feel always sleepy.

I really wanted to go because there might be sellers or booths there selling postcards. I am afraid that some people might hoard them and leave us nothing. Some collectors can be really greedy.

This book fair is something I always go to every year but like most of the time I get to buy nothing. The books that are good or I like are expensive. The only thing cheap there are Children's books, old magazines and Religious books (mostly Christian).

So why still go? Maybe the idea at looking at the number of books to buy is inspiring in itself. To see lots of people crowding mostly students and teachers just to look for something to buy. There are lots of people who spend money there. But some like me will just go home with the memory and ideas on what book to buy next.

Maybe I'll bump you there.

For more details please visit their site.

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