Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A man on a lonely online world...

These days every facet of my life seems to be connected online. I get news from twitter and get connected with friends on Facebook. I also get information from this website and from time time download stuff like books, music and movies from the net.

But last Friday I lost my phone and internet stick.

I was just like any day. I got my noodles cooking and ready. I was watching a Korean drama on my phone because my TV decided to go nuclear on me. I have also opened my stupid laptop waiting for my cousin to open his wi-fi so I can steal some bytes.

Damn! I needed some cola. So I went to the nearest store to buy it. I don't really lock my room when I go for a short time since I feel that no one will be bothering to steal shit from my room.

When I went back to pour myself cola as I noticed that my phone is not there. I went like crazy. OMG! Where did I put it? Maybe I misplaced it again. I went round and round here and there. Pushed things here and there.

I sat down tried to eat but I can't. I went back to the store and asked if I left something but I was told there was nothing I left. I went back home and decided to eat with the worry on my head on where my fucking phone is and then I noticed that my internet stick is not there as well.

This thief is fucking sick. He took a China phone and an internet stick.

My worry now is how to connect with postcrossers on Facebook. I need to buy a new phone next payday.

I hope that monster fucking dies in a really painful way.

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