Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A man on a lonely online world...

These days every facet of my life seems to be connected online. I get news from twitter and get connected with friends on Facebook. I also get information from this website and from time time download stuff like books, music and movies from the net.

But last Friday I lost my phone and internet stick.

I was just like any day. I got my noodles cooking and ready. I was watching a Korean drama on my phone because my TV decided to go nuclear on me. I have also opened my stupid laptop waiting for my cousin to open his wi-fi so I can steal some bytes.

Damn! I needed some cola. So I went to the nearest store to buy it. I don't really lock my room when I go for a short time since I feel that no one will be bothering to steal shit from my room.

When I went back to pour myself cola as I noticed that my phone is not there. I went like crazy. OMG! Where did I put it? Maybe I misplaced it again. I went round and round here and there. Pushed things here and there.

I sat down tried to eat but I can't. I went back to the store and asked if I left something but I was told there was nothing I left. I went back home and decided to eat with the worry on my head on where my fucking phone is and then I noticed that my internet stick is not there as well.

This thief is fucking sick. He took a China phone and an internet stick.

My worry now is how to connect with postcrossers on Facebook. I need to buy a new phone next payday.

I hope that monster fucking dies in a really painful way.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monotheism vs. Polytheism

It is always said that polytheism has this tendency to be evolve into monotheism. This is the most common way people view religion. But this is not always the case.

For me to talk about such topic is quite weird but I am a freethinker and I will say what I think.

In the 1930's a person named Kaufmann released a book named the Religion of Israel. It is a very lengthy book that is quite controversial and sometimes over rated in its criticism of the religion of Israel.

According to Kaufmann, monotheism cannot be a lone product of evolution in polytheism but rather of a revolution of it.

Arguing against the Wellhausenian school of Bible criticism, Kaufmann attempted to demonstrate that Israelite Monotheism was an original creation and popular faith without any roots in paganism, crystallizing in the time of Moses. Thus he challenged the Wellhausenian view that it was the Prophets who were the true creators of ethical monotheism and that the Torah was a mere reflection of their teachings. He pointed out that the influence of the prophets in their own time was not great and that in fact prophesy was a stage that followed from and grew out of the teachings of the Torah, the historical and moral presuppositions of the prophets being those of the popular religion. In this connection, and in the context of the documentary theory of Bible criticism, he also argued that the so-called Priestly Code (P), rather than being a post-exilic composition, as claimed by Wellhausen, antedated Deuteronomy (D), the "book of the law" discovered in the Temple by the High Priest Hilkiah (II Kings 22:8; II Chr. 34:14) in the time of Josiah (622 BCE). Kaufmann also contended that the Israelite conquest of Canaan, reflected accurately in the Book of Joshua, was the product of a national plan carried out by a confederation of tribes acting in unison rather than a gradual process embracing a number of unrelated stages.

Writer or whatever...

Lately I have been plagued by familiar names writing familiar stories that I have read in college (from the TORCH of PNU).

Now I am trying to write something people have never done in Tagalog.

I hope no one has ever done it yet. *cross fingers*

I have an idea just a while ago. Why not write about the thing or someone I am familiar about (with lots of guessing and  bias), that is my cat Pok-pok.

I'll start writing whatever and then edit after writing and then let friends read it.

The working title? Ang mga adventures ni Pokpok.

I am sending postcards

It's been a while since I have actually written anything to anyone. The ones I remember was when I was told by my grandmother to write her letters for my uncle. I wrote once in a while for my mother as well but those are a long time ago.

It's been 6 months since I have been writing and receiving postcards from all over the world.

A while ago I sent a postcard to China and Russia.

The postcrossing site: here