Thursday, May 3, 2012

May blues

My name day is on May 26th and it is coming soon. It would mark another year of meaningless life of a boring person that will be swept by time and will be forgotten.

Some random thoughts:

1. I would like to have a cake but that would be stressful since it is not economical to have a vegan cake.

2. People will be posting the same greetings on Facebook so I removed by birthday on it.

3. I will see who really knows my birthday, which I am sure is quite a few.

4. I am not a birthday person since I never had a birthday party. There was one but it was lame.

5. Why is there a hype to be happy just because it is your birthday. I hope people just let you feel what ever you feel on that day.

6. I am an introvert and the best gift I can get is maybe a book or if someone is really nice a gadget. But that is impossible.

7. I get mixed feelings of hate, loneliness, anger, frsutation and everything in between whenever it's birthday time.

8. I feel many people really don't care about birthdays but how they can have fun and they have you as an excuse.

and so much more shit...

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