Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Payday Blues

I used to very excited when payday comes. Thinking what stuff to buy and where to eat next. I even had my very own count down.

But when you are the one making the payroll. Everything changes. You had to deduct things from peoples money like tax. Of course, taxes are immediately taken away from people. I understand that.

Why is it that rich people pay little tax the same as poor people do? While the rest of the burden goes to the middle class.

I understand the flight of the people when their money is taken from them just like that. But to blame for it? I take their money for taxes but the money doesn't go to my pocket.

I hate shallow minded middle class junkies. I wish instead of buying stuff they but a better brain.

1 comment:

Boomboom said...

hehehe.. totoo yan. kahit sa office nmin palaging pinagbibintanagan ang mga payroll people kapg mababa yung sahod nila..