Thursday, April 30, 2009

Looking for applicants

My work also requires me to call for potential instructors (classroom and online). You thinks it's easy calling people on the phone. It's one hellish job, kinda makes me pull out all my hair.

So here are the ones I usually encounter when calling for applicants:

1. People who don't answer the phone even though they know they just applied for a job. Such a waste of time trying to reach an applicant just because she is too lazy or busy to answer my call.

2. Applicants who either are out of the house or somewhere in time and space and because of that their mothers or relatives answer the call and they talk like they were born yesterday. Think about it, someone in your house just applied for a job and because of your foolishness the HRM is thinking twice on calling back.

3. Kids are cute but they are not designed to answer phones. Some kids will answer the phone and greet you with the words "Who is this?" Believe me there are adults who do the same thing. Whatever happened to their concept of hello, I've no idea.

4. When you are in a noisy place and you receive a call make sure to get out of there immediately and answer the phone. I've called a lot of people in this situation and God my ear hurts after the call. Its understandable if they are on their way out or on the road but in this case, I call it a sin.

5. There are also applicants who insist on answering in Tagalog without realizing that the position they applied for is as an English Instructor. Damn, just at least make sure you applied for the right job.

6. Have you ever called an applicant around lunch time only to be informed that his/her brain has not yet started working because they just woke up.

7. I always thought that I am the one doing the call up only to realize that the applicant is doing an interview on me asking everything and anything under the sun.

Then I arrived at the conclusion that what I should do is just say goodbye and put down the phone.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Payday Blues

I used to very excited when payday comes. Thinking what stuff to buy and where to eat next. I even had my very own count down.

But when you are the one making the payroll. Everything changes. You had to deduct things from peoples money like tax. Of course, taxes are immediately taken away from people. I understand that.

Why is it that rich people pay little tax the same as poor people do? While the rest of the burden goes to the middle class.

I understand the flight of the people when their money is taken from them just like that. But to blame for it? I take their money for taxes but the money doesn't go to my pocket.

I hate shallow minded middle class junkies. I wish instead of buying stuff they but a better brain.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Susan Boyle Phenomena

I never thought I would see another inspiring event in my life. Usually, it just happens in the movie.

Its inspiring to see how this "nobody" becomes a "someone" in an instant.

One time people are making faces, smirking and just like "what is this."

I was inspired.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pinoy Indie Films

Pinoys have indeed been left out by the film industry. Our films have become redundant and repetitious if not copy cats of popular Hollywood films.

Another blow to this is the film, "Slumdog Millionaire." Though I have not seen it. Sure its something because of the awards it received.

I thought indie films are to save the Pinoy film industry but my point is otherwise proven wrong. I mean Joey de Leon is right, it all about gayness and endless talk that is quite empty if you read between the lines.