Sunday, July 12, 2015

Express passport application in the Philippines is not Express at all

Today (July 11, 2015) I had my scheduled passport appointment at the Department of Foreign Affairs East District at SM Megamall.

I arrived early with my printed form, NSO birth certificate and photocopy of my two IDs. Of course the Php 1,200 express processing fee. I arrived 30 minutes before.

The process itself was very simple. First you go to the verification desk. They will look into your appointment printout and then you will be sent to Processing. You will be asked to show your NSO birth certificate and two original IDs with their photocopy. A ticker will also be added to your forms as you do the whole process. Then you will be asked to pay the fee at the cashier. Yes that is Php 1200 gone in a few seconds. Then the last part is the encoding. You will be asked to check your info on the screen. Get your picture taken. Asked to sign. And then you are done. The whole process so so simple and easy. It took me around 30 minutes.