Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Blogapaloza 2015

It's another day to meet and see friends. And of course meet new friends.

Unlike last time, where I had to attended the Blogapaloza late. This time I was a little motivated to attend the event early despite I have other things to attend to in life. I made it an earlier appointment and signed up soon as my other friends signed up.

So the grumpy guy steps into the lion's den. BTW if you don't like honesty about my filthy language and narrow mind I tell you to stop and go to another blog who will talk about nice things and all.

First stop is the registration booth. I arrived way past 10 am to be greeted by registration people who are not caring enough to assist. I have to ask where to register and how to do it. It seems most of them are not in the mood to talk with me. Fine, I register on the tabled and were given some ID that I have to sign myself, some flyers I won't even read and a voucher that will never be used.

Then off to the booths. Everything was arranged into the so called four seasons. Cute. I think they made effort on how each of the booth will look fit for the season they are representing. Too bad it all starts with winter. I wish also there was a direction pointer on where to start but I guess anywhere is good.

It seems also that 10 am is still an early time since most booths are still prepping up. Of course no celebrities at this unholy hour for many bloggers or celebrities. I thank God that I did go early. As you know I am not a big fan of celebrities.

I surveyed the area about three or four times in just less than 30 minutes and took the following pictures. The place is bubbly and alive with people signing up and doing certain activities.