Saturday, May 31, 2014

Flores de Mayo 2014

Another tradition that is dying or almost rarely seen is the Flores de Mayo. The religious meaning and significance of the even that has often times been confused with two other May events in honor of the Virgin Mary, that is the Sagala and the Santacruzan.

The procession took less than two minutes to pass me. There were girls dressed as angels and is carrying flowers in the shape of the titles of Mary as stated in the Litany of the Rosary.

At last the Salesian brothers have maintained the purity of this wonderful tradition. I saw the Flores de Mayo in front of the Makati Cinema Square because they just turned at the corner going to St. John Bosco Parish.

A Sunday of Art, History, Heritage, Trees and 38 degrees of heat (May 18, 2014)

It's the International Museum day once more and I am off to the Ayala Museum. Too bad the Museum has one downside. Np pictures are allowed. even taking this picture of me registering for the event was high discouraged but at least they didn't erase the pictures as some asshole places will do.

After a quick lunch at the Landmark we went with to the Pot Office late but we saw the group there with the rest of the participants. It is indeed a hot day. Later that week I found out that during the tour the temperature rose to 38 degrees. No wonder I felt like a wilting plant.

Second stop is the Metropolitan Theater. I didn't take luc picture there. One thing, I did as a tradition was to wave at the LRT trains. One participant told me, "So you were the guys waving at the LRT."

At least I made an impact on my own.

Iglesia ni Cristo Centennial Stamps

I just bought some to be used as postage at the annoying Makati Central Post Office.

Honestly I think they are even better than the expensive papal stamps. They are cheap and they are printed quite big, the stamp is even bigger than the Bonifacio stamps.

Here are the other information about the Iglesia ni Cristo Centennial Stamps (1914-2014)

2014, May 10. Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) Centennial
Litho Offset, Amstar Company, Inc., Perf 14
Singles (large size, 50mm x 35mm), Miniature Sheets of 10
10p Felix Y. Manalo, Founder, INC Temple in background - Singles (1,200,000)

Miniature Sheets of 10 (120,000)

Designer: Bienvenido A Santiago Jr.
Design Coordinator: Elenita D.L. San Diego
Adviser: Bienvenido A. Santiago
Layout Artist: Victorino Z. Serevo

Friday, May 30, 2014

To the me who died more than a year ago

I no longer consider myself as alive. I am nothing but an empty shell and zombie eating food and living for nothing. I have lost myself and cannot find my soul.

I don't care anymore and my nights are forever hunted by nightmares. The sun never risen for me.

I woudl rather be like Sita who was tekn back by mother Earth.

Maybe I am a thousand winds that blow...

2nd Musica Sacra Festival at San Sebastian Basilica

Thank God It's Friday!

We bring you the MUSICA SACRA FESTIVAL 2014 better!


Spread the word and see you there!
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Mail Tuesday (May 27, 2014)

I got mail after my so called birthday. I was expecting them during my birthday. At least they came!

‘We oppose bearded men in dresses,’ say bearded men in dresses


When it comes to hate and inconsistency religion stands out. I saw this post a few weeks ago and is just face palming about it.

Read more here.

So here is this hated person doing her best:

Little cake or just a cupcake

A friend gave me something. Well its the only thing I got on my birthday.

Lotto at ang bente ko

Tumaya ako sa lotto
Binigay ko dawalang bente
Birthday ko kasi
Asa na malanalo

Eto na hula ng numero
Linya dito linya duon
Sama ng fave number
Tsaka koting chamba

Bibili kasi ako ng bahay
Para kay Fred
Kasama na jowa ko
So far so good

Wala pa ring maisip
Bahala na
At least kung di manalo
Makakatulong din ako lolz

As usual nganga ata
Tingin ulit
hanap ng pareho
Tama tuloy lang ang nganga


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Philippine Stamps I bought somewhere near my house (May 24, 2014)

I will not tell where I bought them but if you ask me of course I will tell but just not here.

Since I forgot to go to Escolta for their Saturday Market and I feel so lazy.

I went out and bought the following stamps.

Another year of nothingness (May 26, 2014 musings)

I hate birthdays and the idea of celebrating your being old. Why the fuck should I be happy that I am older? Why would I have party where people I don't like would come and eat?

How about presents and stuff? If people want to give you something they should I should be thankful for that. Now with the advent of facebook and social media there are no more personal greetings. You will get posts on your wall starting from the naive Happy birthday to the lifeless HBD.

People will vary their idiocy to the point of saying Happy Beerday as if you want to pour alcohol on them and watch them burn.

I don't see why it is wrong to be grumpy on your birthday or to be even sad. I wish people stop their happy crap and don't ram it on other people's life the way they want their stupid beliefs inside your ass.

So please spare me the empty words and just fucking leave me alone. That is the best present I want.

Breaking the barriers of rich people's hang out (Pets, rich people and some hampaslupa)

Market Market or the area where people often go to when they get bored on SM Megamall, North, Ayala Malls and a place somewhere North or that good old place in Greenhills.

We took jeeps from Rizal Park to go to Market Market! I and my friends got so serious with talking that we passed the area and had to come back again.

The place comes in hierarchies from the lowest level in Market Market to High Street.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rainy summer (May 2014)

Yesterday I got drenched in rain. I was walking along Evangelista when suddenly it rained. I usually raech my so called fake home before 12.

I was almost past the police station when it started to drizzle. I needed tl walk faster but the further I got away the bigger the drops went until it was pouring hard when I reached the bridge.

I had to stop. now I am wet. It sucks to be wet while at the same time being tired. I waited a few more minutes will I was able to continue walking. I arrived home wet and tired.

I also broke my glasses so I started repairing it while online. Like all days the lights were turned off at where I sleep. Then the lights went out completely. Now this is hell, no lights, proper air and without sight. I felt so pissed and angry but I can't do anything about it.

I started to hate the rains once more. It's a fucking curse. The lights went out for almost all morning long. I waited in vain in sweat and in anger. That is one tiring morning. The lights came at around 3 am I guess.

I was tired that I fell asleep fast.

Today as I was going home the rain has started to fall in Ortigas. Here comes the rain again and it will wash away all my dreams and bring in bad tidings.

Books and more books at the Cubao Warehouse sale of NBS (May 15 to May 18, 2014)

There are a handful of reasons on why I get up early in the morning. Mostly it's something related to my hobbies or I just accidentally said yes to a commitment without even thinking. 

sales are one of those shallow things I enjoy even though most of the time I end up buying nothing. Most of the time I really go to sales and end up with nothing because the sale sucks or there is nothing really there to buy. 

I went up early on a payday just to buy postcards. I am not really planning to buy a lot since I still got lots of postcards from last time. 

So I got up on the train and I just woke up a bit late but I still have time with me. And I arrived there at past 9 AM. 

There were already some people here and there but the crowd number is manageable for me. I hate huge crowds.

There were lots of school supplies though despite being old stock would be good for parents and students.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekend activities for May 17 and 18, 2014

It's going to be a quite busy weekend for people as the summer ends and the coming school year is about to start. Some schol have decided to move their calendars to September. Another sly move to be like our favorite Murica.

Anyways here are some of the things that might interest you this weekend.

I think I will be biased with the PATAS meetup so I will bring my book, phone and knitting project because I know the boredom will be grinding hard.

PATAS May Meetup

Location: IMACROM building (do follow the guidelines below)
When: May 17, 2014; 3:00 to 7:00 PM


Received postcards (May 16, 2014)

It seems the PHLPost is doing its job on me now or it was just my postman here in Makati.

Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

COGITO watch is here (May 14, 2014)

My new watch arrived a little bit late but was worth the wait. Well I didn't really wait but I even almot forgot that I got such an awesome watch.

It's the new COGITO watch. It's supposed to be an accessory for those people who need to be informed that something has come up to their online life.

Sadly my phone is not that hightech enough to connect to my phone but surely this Christmas I will buy a gadget that will sync well with this watch. Now at least I have another gadget to look at when I need to know time. Whatever that means. lolz

Received postcards (May 13, 2014)

Here are some of the postcards I got from some good friends. each of them are special in their own way!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The National Bookstore Cubao Warehouse Sale (May 15, 2014)

Guys, save up and I might buy tons of postcards this time again. Now its not going to be at that far away place in Quezon Ave. You don't have that excuse to say its far. Now its just in Cubao.

Find great bargains and great finds at National Book Store’s Cubao Warehouse Sale. Get up to 80% off on books from May 15 to 18, 2014, 9 am to 8 pm, only at the 4th Floor of National Book Store, Superbranch-Cubao. Per DTI Permit No. A3-0596 Series of 2014.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Capitalism have made us boring and the same

There was a time when capitalism down played the ideas of communism. They said that life in communism would be hard. And I believed that.

But now looking at the rise of condominiums everywhere I feel that we have a wrong decision to support communism. Now we live in the same buildings with the same small spaces of lifeless form of boxes.

Why would anyone want to live in a boring space like a condo?

Everything we feared about communism - that we would lose our houses and savings and be forced to labor eternally for meager wages with no voice in the system - has come true under capitalism.

Jeff Sparrow (via anticapitalist)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekend activities for May 10 and 11, 2014

source: Filipino Freethinkers
Filipino Freethinkers meet-up this Saturday (May 10, 2014)

It seems the summer is gonna last for years like Westeros. I don't believe PAG-ASA and their predictions of this and that. I can do a better job of learning about weather just by looking at the sky. Weather prediction is the same as reading horoscopes at times.

So since it rarely rains these days, take your time to explore and have fun.

Here is one event I recommend for the weekend:

Filipino Freethinkers Meetup, Saturday, May 10, 2014

Venue: 2nd floor of Bread Talk Promenade, Greenhills
Date: Saturday, May 10, 2014
Time: 2:30pm – 5:30pm

Received postcards (May 8, 2014)

It seems like I was never ever gonna get postcards when they came. It's funny that some of the postcards were stamped last May 5th. And I just got them yesterday.

Nonetheless, I am glad that these potcards sent by wonderful people came in and was registered.

Monday, May 5, 2014

I won a contest

I always think of myself as a quite not so lucky person. I don't always win in contests but that doesn't stop me from being part of any contests. I have won a few of them of course.

This time I joined a contest on HolyCool.

I won this cool watch:

Here is the snapshot that made my day:

Now I just have to wait forthe package to arrive. Oh noes how long will it take and how much will the Customs steal from me.