Saturday, April 13, 2013

Today April 13, 2013

I just went to Maakti where I used to live for the FF meeu-up. I just got up from my place in Sampaloc and went out without a drink or even eating. I got three awesome postcards from Miam, that was so unexpected. I can say that was the highlight of my meet-up and there was also this german who came to study non-belif in the Philippines.

So today I had these thoughts...

1. To have a good friend.

2. To live my life with a cat (or cats)

3. A work where I can be left alone and never need to talk to anyone or don't need to please anyone. Yes, a work place without stupid outings and trips where I have to pretend I like people.

4. Less contact with many people, animals are OK.

Something bothers me today. Who are these 22 people who viewed my blog. Thanks anyway! Hehehe